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A Tale of Pirates: A Dummy Mutiny, virtual pirates are ready to set sail! Contact Us Cranio Creations s. Via del Caravaggio, n. Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito. Se continui ad utilizzare questo sito noi assumiamo che tu ne sia felice. What a pretty procession they made! Along the way they met the bishop: As the girls went past he tapped the youngest on the shoulder.

In doing so he found that he was stuck to her and had to follow. Further up the road they met a police sergeant. The bishop called out to him: The police sergeant tried to pull the bishop free, but in doing so he found that both his hands were stuck to his waist, and he had to follow along with the procession. At the top of the road they met the mayor.

Have they gone mad? As he spoke, he tried to pull the police sergeant and the bishop away — but in doing so he found that he was stuck to both of them, and had to follow on. She had never laughed and not once even smiled. Whosoever could make her laugh and smile would win her hand in marriage. But the truth was that nothing very funny ever happened inside the royal palace. The princess looked out and saw the important people in their uniforms being tugged along behind three girls and a boy with a goose.

She thought that it was the first thing she had seen in her life that was truly funny. She burst out laughing and ran, still giggling, to her father to tell him all about what she had seen. He sent for his guards and told them to bring the boy and his followers directly to him.

The king, still laughing, said that on the contrary — he would be rewarded with the hand in marriage of his daughter, the princess. While they were stuck, all the townspeople and the whole court laughed and laughed at them. The boy whose family called him Dummy married the princess and inherited the kingdom. He lived with his beautiful wife and they had six happy smiling children, and the palace was often filled with laughter.

We say this because the people thought he was a dummy but he really was smart. I still think its better than all of them. Natasha,you were really good and confident when you told the story,I wish I could meet you ,but the sucky thing is that we live on different sides of the planet, your great. The least boy is the more lucky than his two brothers.

This story tells us it is very important to be an honest person. I like this story! The only bad part is when the two sons get chopped by the axe. Good to read Good to hear Its really useful for my kids its improving their English language. Thank you very much. I am a teacher and i am going to use this to teach my students the art of telling the story and also for the correct speaking over the mic. Bertie — August 1, I like to know u and to ask u to work with us! This is my address: Dear Natasha Thank for your readings, as they will improve for sure my children english language.

I love this story! I think someone must be fortunate,if he is kind and honest! I love this story and I reading another story too!! Storynory is the best website!

Dear Natasha I and my daughter are appreciated for your readings. It is a lovely story that telling people have to be kind and happiness.

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I love this web. I need the very short stories, just in 3 or 4 paragraph. Abbie — March 12, I enjoyed this story which translated into Vietnamese when I was a little child. The book I had was a picture book with good colorful illustrations that showing a chain of people who want to steal a golden goose but find themselves being glued into her feathers instead. Now I can find an English version that I would like to thank you, Natasha, with your free download audio, too. Bertie — July 19, What a funny story!!!!

The Golden Goose

A littlle bit ridiculous but a very nice story!!!! I really love it!! Say,could you put some more Arthur storys? With the bestest green slime on top!!!!!! Kevan — October 24, Interesting and very helpful for kids and adults who want to improve their english. The audio quality is very good. The pace of the story is amazing. You can both read and listen simultaneously. A good story for both kids and adults. Natasha narrated it in a professional way. The sound effects were very appropriate. I listen and read these nice story to improve my English skills. Exercise — April 12, A good bear hug to you!

My Grand daughter, Anna loves your stories and thanks a lot!

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Please Kep this very good work. Joseph — May 5, Natasha I go to a school in Australia and my teacher loves you she thinks you are really good witch you are I think aswell. Tom — July 22, This story is interesting and funny. Stupid people always marry the beutiful princesses. Great story i really loved it!! I wished i got a golden feather!!!!!!!!!!! I really want this book if they have one.

A bit long to read in september night. Amelia — September 13, This website is very nice. Thanks for creating such a great website.

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We are enjoying reading and listening. A good person has good thoughts and a bad person has evil thoughts. Wow, a GOoolden Goose! Would anyone know What has happened to the Golden Goose after Dummy has married? I love your books Natasha. I think you a wonderful,Thank you for your magnificent stories for people to enjoy. Its is amazing web site for learning stories.

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The educational stuff is extremely awesome for the learning. I am very happy to learn Elglish through this site. But if the picture were here, I would be really nice. Thanks you for attending this web site. I liked it because there was many different feelings. Goes to show that no matter how simple minded one may be,…their heart may always be filled with better than the haughtiness of status and snotty, up-to-no-good minded people who think that they are better, and more deserving than others!

Thus the innocent mind of a child is always also more rich than the adults of corruption from societal pressures. I can knew many new word from this story. Amma-kay — January 1, It was simply halarious. Brittany — January 17, Do people really say such a terrible voices in UK as depicts Natasha? Just nasty to listen. She has terribly voise. Dear Natasha it was very nice und laughing, i enjoyed it a lot, and I would heard it again and again thanks.

I bet it was a funny sight the mayor was stuck to the policeman who was stuck to the bishop who was stuck to three girls who stuck to the boy who was holding a gold goose ha,ha anyways I love the story. Vasty — May 14, This story is great. YES — June 14, The Golden Goose is a funny tale and one in which the young boy upon finding the valuable bird in the hollow of the tree, when he escapes his family home proves to others that he is no fool. When he takes the bird to the inn and upon venturing out, the village folk follow him on procession through the town with his valuable bird; the police men and the baker, he hears of how the King and Queen wish their daughter to be betrothed by any who can make her laugh.

Leading the procession of towns folk one day through the town, the young lad enables the goose to stick to their sides. Looking out from the palace window, the princess falls laughing upon seeing the sight of this for it an unusual sight and this is how the boy who although called a fool is clever enough to win the heart of a princess.

Natasha — June 17, The Golden Goose by the Brothers Grimm, in which the young lad proves he is not so stupid over all by taking the goose he finds in the forest to a local town, where he finds his fortune. He gains the hand in marriage of the fair princess, as it is only he that can make her laugh with the strange looking goose.

Natasha — July 13, I like the idea of the story. I enjoyed listening to your storytelling. When he discovers the golden goose in the trunk of the wood tree he takes it to the town , where after sleeping at the inn, he attracts the local town folk who follow him around with the golden bird.

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When the princess sees the site from her bedroom window, she cant help but laugh and as the king has declared, this is what will earn any suitor his daughters hand in marriage. Natasha — August 15, Genci — October 3, Thank you for your comment The Golden Goose in which the young boy proves to his family he is no Dummy after all is fairytale with a valuable moral ending that good things come to those who work. Natasha — October 9, I have been reading this story for more than 3 years and i NEVER get bored of it thank you natasha and i wish everyone in the whole wide world reads it and likes it.

When the Young boy finds the goose in the woods, he carries it to the town where The Townsfolk follow him. When the princess sees him, it makes her laugh and wins her heart, and hand in marriage. Natasha — November 7, Natasha — November 27, Hello I like this story! Briseqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq1 — December 6, Yes The Golden Goose, is a very funny story and we remember the story of the boy well.

When he takes the goose he discovers in the forest to the near by village, all the townsfolk follow him and laugh. The young boy finally makes the princess laugh when she looks out of her window and this is how he wins her hand in marriage, with the task of betrothal laid out by her father the King.

Natasha — February 7, That is good, the Golden Goose is an ideal fairytale to learn English from because it is simple and very funny. The young boy proves to the townsfolk that he is not so stupid after all when he takes the Golden Goose to the Town and wins the hand in marriage of the Kings Daughther. Natasha — February 24,