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She thought she had never seen such a strange-looking soldier in all her life. He was dressed in tin armour, which seemed to fit him very badly, and he had a queer-shaped little deal box fastened across his shoulder, upside-down, and with the lid hanging open. Alice looked at it with great curiosity.

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And the box is no use without them. But not a single bee has come near it yet. And the other thing is a mouse-trap. And now help me on. Help me to get it into this bag. This took a very long time to manage, though Alice held the bag open very carefully, because the Knight was so very awkward in putting in the dish: Now the reason hair falls off is because it hangs down — things never fall upwards , you know.

Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll

You may try it if you like. Whenever the horse stopped which it did very often , he fell off in front; and whenever it went on again which it generally did rather suddenly , he fell off behind. Otherwise he kept on pretty well, except that he had a habit of now and then falling off sideways; and as he generally did this on the side on which Alice was walking, she soon found that it was the best plan not to walk quite close to the horse.

The Knight looked very much surprised, and a little offended at the remark.

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They went on a little way in silence after this, the Knight with his eyes shut, muttering to himself, and Alice watching anxiously for the next tumble. There was a short silence after this, and then the Knight went on again. Now, I daresay you noticed, that last time you picked me up, that I was looking rather thoughtful?

He looked so vexed at the idea, that Alice changed the subject hastily.

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The Knight looked down proudly at his helmet, which hung from the saddle. When I used to wear it, if I fell off the horse, it always touched the ground directly.

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When Sally came to help with the kids when I was in the hospital, she really was our white night. A person or company that purchases, or gives money to, another company that is in financial distress or about to be acquired by a third party.

We all thought we were going to lose our jobs, but then a white knight purchased the company and saved it from bankruptcy. The image here is of the traditional figure from chivalric romances, who rides to the rescue of someone in danger.

Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll : Chapter 8

See also a knight in shining armour at knight. References in periodicals archive?

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The video depicts a SpaceShipTwo attached underneath a White Knight 2 rising taking off from a runway in New Mexico and climbing to 50, feet. Fortunately, it is also a story of a dramatic rescue through the combined efforts of skilled professionals, government agencies, a white knight and a proactive financial institution. Banking on a white knight: The same day, the Internet news blog Urlesque [12] published an article by staff writer Nick Douglas titled "The Five Most Annoying Kinds of Internet Scolds," listing "The Internet White Knight" as a manipulator that attempts to win over women by defending them online.

On November 19th, , a Facebook [2] page for "White Knight" was created, which received over likes within one year. On January 17th, , YouTuber EtherealAntichrist uploaded a video titled "Enonymity [sic] and White Knighting," which argued that white knighting is a practice that should be encouraged shown below.

Apr 18, at Apr 07, at Amusingly, this meme is a spectacular example of male sterotyping in that it assumes men only seek sex, and thus that men who stand up for women are only doing it for the sex, and moreover such men are less masculine because their endeavours seldom lead to sex.

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Ergo, 'good' men are the one's who openly view women as sex objects because at least they're honest about it, yo and are able to exploit them as such. So this could be considered offensive to BOTH sexes! Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're using an ad-blocking solution. By using this site, you are agreeing by the site's terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy.